About company Freia


The story of company “Freia” started in May, 2006”, when Tanya Gaiduk and Andrew Ralchuk founded the production of knitting toys from natural materials in Ukraine. 
Our projectis unique, its mission is to revive and develop trend of traditional, designer’s and ecological toy.

We combine in our toys the most important properties:


– Quality


Quality control is a top priority in our business. A large  numbers of handmade details require from us
carefully controlling the whole production cycle.


– Safety


In the manufacture of toys we use the ecological materials, create image with small details (eyes, mouth, nose) that carefully embroidered on the toy fabrics. Our products conform to EN71 standard and exceeds all sanitary regulations. Therefore, all toys of TM “Freia” are safe for the health of our small customers.


– Eco-friendliness


Creating our toys, we remember how it is important to protect and not to  pollute our beautiful Earth. For our products, we choose the best materials such as cotton, linen, and wool.


– Design

Soft toy or doll very often is the first close friend of the child. Therefore, it is important that this friend would excite positive emotions and transmit a piece of our culture and traditions.
Realizing this, we pass each model through heart, creating a bright, kind images that will be reach to the heart of both children and adults.

Image of each toy (eyes, mouth, nose, hair, jewelry) is created by magical hands of our skilled artisans, that’s why there are no two identical toys, each is in its own unique and full of sincerity and warmth. 

                     We love our work and recognize the importance of our task.


We sincerely thank all those who share our values and beliefs. Together we can change the world to be better!
With love and care in each stitch.


Yours sincerely Freia

The wolf and the seven little goats


Have you ever read “Wolf and the seven little goats”?
Here’s a wooden toy made with that story in mind! It will be a challenge for your child to find a place in this house for every little goat.
You can also read the story to your child while they play with this toy or they make their own story!

This puzzle toy helps with speech and brain development, hand and eye coordination and also helps develop fine motor skills.

Get your own storytale in the box today! Follow this link

Meet Turtle Marley!

We’d like to introduce you to our series of pyramids toys.

First of all meet turtle Marley! He’s such a cute little turtle made out of birch and painted with eco-friendly child safe coloring. He’ll teach your child not just how to put pieces of pyramid together. He’ll also teach your child a balance! You can use parts of Marley’s shell as bridges or building blocks. This toy has endless possibilities for play and learn!

To adopt Marley follow this link